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Join our journey to unparalleled success in the thriving luxury Service Accommodation industry. Experience lucrative returns and endless possibilities as a valued partner or investor with Prolific Capital. We offer a proven track record, exceptional properties, and unrivaled guest experiences. Let's redefine hospitality together.

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Indulge in an exceptional travel experience with Prolific Capital's luxury Serviced Accommodations. We extend a warm welcome to corporate/business travelers, long-haul vacationers, digital nomads, and the armed services seeking a home away from home. 


Our range of fully-furnished apartments, lofts, and vacation homes are nestled in San Diego’s most sought-after neighborhoods offering hotel-like amenities, from travel-size toiletries to premium linens and towels, while relishing the advantages of a cozy home environment, complete with fully stocked kitchens and comfortable living spaces.

Established in a vibrant coastal city, Prolific Capital specializes in suites designed to seamlessly integrate work and play, while providing all the comforts you desire. Rest assured, comfort, quality, and safety are our top priorities at every stay. Our dedicated local teams strive to deliver a consistently outstanding experience for each guest and partner alike.


Prolific Capital isn't just about providing exceptional Service Accommodations – we're deeply committed to our community. By investing a percentage of our revenue into the San Diego Youth Basketball Development Clinic, we actively foster resiliency and a genuine love for our beloved city. Join us on this thrilling journey of creating a brighter future for our youth, while immersing yourself in the pinnacle of luxury real estate excellence. Together, we can make a lasting impact and inspire greatness.

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